ASAP DryTop 55″ x 23″ (60/Box)

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ASAP Drytop is a universal multipurpose mat designed primarily for use wherever fluid spillages are a problem. Works as a liner or assisting sheet to effectively absorb spillage before the fluid ends up other places, preventing more work, infection risk or wear / damage.
The product is made of a material with very high absorbency, 10 liters per square meter. The product is 0.7mm thick, equipped with a colored barrier layer that prevents leaks. High durability and able to withstand a load of 330 pounds. Well suited as heating / cooling cover when applying hot or cold water.

  • Multi- functional use- can be used for any situation that liquid spill is an issues. Incontinence, pets, plumbing, etc.
  • Multipurpose incontinence pad. Ideal for bed pads, furniture pads and puppy pee pads. Quick mess free cleaning because it is super absorbent.
  • Highly absorbent disposable sheet, odor protection and breathable -high absorbency capacity, 10 liters per square meter and can hold up to 330 lbs.
  • Sustainability- Protects the environment, reduces costs throughout the whole life cycle.
  • Hygiene- Actively prevents contamination by ensuring complete control of spills