Tiedemann Bevs Industries – 150 years of Quality

What does 150 years of history, entrepreneurial spirit, determination, and superior customer service look like? Look no further than Tiedemann Bevs Industries.

Tiedemann Bevs Industries encapsulates the American dream. The company was founded by Theo Tiedemann upon his arrival to America from Germany. The company has seen some incredible events in American history, spanning 5 generations and 150 years of continuous operation. The company maintained through two world wars, as well as saw the invention of flight, the telephone, and the television during its history.  If the walls of Tiedemann Bevs Industries could talk, it would most certainly be an enthralling tale of rich history, family, ingenuity and perseverance.

The roots of Tiedemann Bevs Industries date back to 1869 when Theodore Tiedemann came to the United States as an immigrant from Germany. Theo’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success led him to begin several operations including textile products and fabrics designed for the interiors and exteriors of caskets. This venture of Theo’s is still the heart and soul of Tiedemann’s operations to this day.

The Galletly family entered the fold of the company in 1920 when William “Bill” Galletly joined Theo Tiedemann and Sons as a salesman. Bill’s father served as a sculptor on the Statue of Liberty and his tools can still be found in the Statue of Liberty Museum to this day. Bill was a Scottish immigrant who shared Theo’s entrepreneurial and motivated spirt. This spirit is what led him to become President of Theo Tiedemann & Sons in 1951. His son Robert joined the organization shortly after and would eventually go own to become President and owner of the company himself in 1964. Bob Sr moved the company which had been rooted in New York City since its founding to Carlstadt New Jersey. The move created a logistical boost and resulted in significant overall growth to the company. Bob Sr also took the initiative to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Tiedemann stock, allowing the Galletly family to own 100% of Theo Tiedemann & Sons.

Bob Galletly Jr. entered the company in 1974 followed shortly after by the arrival of his brother Peter in 1979. The two would be instrumental in the continued success of the Tiedemann operation with their father until his retirement in 1988. By 2004 Bob Jr, Pete, and Anne had acquired 100% of the Tiedemann operations. Shortly after these acquisitions the siblings decided it was time to consolidate all the operations and make a permanent location in Richmond, IN. The new 65,000 sq. foot facility opened in 2008 and houses the combined operations of Theo Tiedemann and Sons as well as Bevs Threads, now doing business as Tiedemann-Bevs Industries.

In 2016 Bob Jr. Peter, and Anne sold Tiedemann-Bevs Industries to Strength Capital Partners.

Strength Capital is an equity group that prides itself on its core values of integrity, passion, resilience, and courage. They also bring a personal touch that is rare in the equity world. These guiding principles are what led Bob Jr. Peter, and Anne to know that Strength was the right group to entrust the future of Tiedemann-Bevs Industries to.

Strength Capital realized what made Tiedemann stand apart from its competition for decades, the high-quality employees and superb customer service. To Tiedemann, and now Strength, the company motto “Quality is our common thread” is more than just a saying, it’s the driving force behind all company activities. The company is now led by President & CEO Bill Jones. Bill brings a wealth of knowledge of the casket industry from his previous experience. Under Bill’s leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as Strength Capital’s knowledge, expertise, and resources, the company sees a bright future ahead. Including expansion into new industries and hopefully another 150 years of being engrained into America’s history.

From its humble beginnings of being founded by a German immigrant in 1869, Tiedemann now not only provides service to the casket industry, but has expanded into several new markets.

To all of our customers, vendors, and dedicated employees we thank you, because without you these 150 years of accomplishments would not have been possible.

“Tremendous pride surrounds everyone involved that has been able to guide Tiedemann-Bevs through the many decades it has existed.   Throughout its history the outstanding associates of TBI have provided customers with quality, service, and care, a critical component of its success.”

Pete Galletly, Former Owner

“Congratulations to all the past and present employees, suppliers and customers who have contributed to the 150 year success story of Theo Tiedemann & Sons, Bevs Threads and now Tiedemann Bevs Industries.  Now in retirement I can reflect with pride my 45 years of participation and contribution to this great Industry. I am also incredibly grateful for the lifelong friendships we developed with both our customers and our suppliers. 150 years of continuous, uninterrupted service a great achievement. But it is only a milestone in history. The continued progress of the company will dictate its success in the future.

Good luck to all those involved with the future of our great Industry.”

Bob Galletly Jr., Former Owner