Wayne County Annual Chamber Dinner

The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce in which Tiedemann-Bevs is a Bronze Partner was honored to have Governor Mike Pence as its keynote speaker at the Annual Dinner on January 24, 2014.  TBI had a reserved table of eight excited and interested associates there to enjoy the camaraderie, festivities and of course the Governor’s attendance to the Annual Chamber Dinner. Governor Pence spoke of the many contributions all businesses have toward the climate of partnership, entrepreneurial spirit, employment and education for the State of Indiana.  He thanked the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce and the collaboration of efforts in our County for Bright Futures for their determination and organizational enterprise in making Wayne County a great place to work and live.  Here is a crux of his speech as reported by the Palladium Item on January 25, 2014:

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence greeted the crowd at the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce annual dinner with enthusiasm.

“What an exciting evening!” he said. “This county is on the move and all you have to do is look around this room to see that.”

Pence served the county as its representative in Congress before being elected governor in 2012.

“One year into this job, I’m convinced that our state is strong and growing stronger every day,” he told the 650 gathered at the Kuhlman Center on Friday.

But, he warned, “we’ve still got work to do.”

The governor outlined what he called a multifaceted strategy for job attraction, beginning with remembering the importance of the state’s fiscal strength.

“Fiscal integrity is the foundation of our prosperity,” Pence stressed. “Nature abhors a vacuum and investment abhors instability.”

He talked about creating a business-friendly tax environment and vowed, “Indiana will be the lowest tax state in the Midwest.”

As he did in his State of the State address last week, Pence announced his intention to work with the legislature and others to reach his goal “in a responsible manner to phase out the business personal property tax.”

Pence also promised more investment in roads and infrastructure.

“I’m going to make sure Indiana remains the Crossroads of America,” he said.

In regard to education, Pence called on the state to “remain bold” and reiterated calls for a voluntary voucher program for pre-kindergarten education and expanded career and vocational education.

“Our schools ought to give our young people the background and training to start where they want to start,” he said.

Finally, the governor issued a challenge to everyone in the audience.

By the end of next week, he said, reach out to someone outside the state and just bring up the idea of moving their business to Indiana.

Ask them, “Honestly, would you ever be willing to talk to somebody?” he said.

Plant the seed.

Chamber president and chief executive officer Amy Holthouse loved the idea.

“If we can let people know what’s happening here, it might create more opportunities for Wayne County,” she said after the speech. “I think it was very inspiring.”

“I think that his dedication to education that we certainly need to have focus on for the future success of Indiana and our economic development,” said Stephanie Hays-Mussoni, director of gift development at Indiana University East.

Darrell Gordon, executive director of the Wernle Youth and Family Treatment Center, agreed.

“I just look forward to the governor providing opportunities for this state that will really help move unemployment and find ways to really address at-risk youth,” he said.

“It all starts with … the development of youth.”

Staff writer Louise Ronald

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